Activeme: A new approach to mental health is a new approach to mental health that we have taken on both with this site, our future app, and the activities therein.

With this service you will have access to an array of events (both irl and digital), in your area, that you can attend on any given day at any given time, through invites, notifications or postings.

You will be attending events with people who have been or are still going through similar experiences in life. With this, you can build a support structure and sense of community that can help you navigate difficult times in your life. With our comfortable and open minded leisure and social events, we hope to create an environment free of anxiety and negative thought, and instead just be a place where you can be yourself, have fun, get the physical or mental exercise you desire, and build new relationships with others through interactive engagement.

We hope that our participants will have the greatest experience possible. Our goal as an organization and as a movement is to unify people, and create a positive outlook on life through support in one another.