Time to rethink mental health

As long as we’ve been around, we’ve seen mental health and addictions slowly become a more prevalent problem in society, exacerbated more and more in the age of technology and spiraling out of control in the wake of the pandemic. We have addressed these issues with conventional methods, medicate, isolate and hope the situation improves. This method, although necessary, only addresses mental health and addictions at the surface, not the underlying conditions that are leading to it. Is the individual dealing with a brain imbalance? or is it situational or circumstantial? Medication, albeit beneficial, is not a fix all to the mental health and addictions problem in society. We need a new approach! We hope to be that new approach, Activeme, as we create a more community based approach, finding support in one another and building relationships through social and leisure events on our website and future app.

With this we hope to improve the well being and mental outlook of our participants providing them with a platform that can give them hope for a better tomorrow in an ever evolving world. A better tomorrow starts today, lets rethink mental health, Activeme.