A New Start: Stand together for a brighter future

As we are slowly coming out of this waning pandemic, now is when we need to push mental health to the forefront, back in the spotlight. Mental Health is the matters the most as it effects every other aspect of your health both externally in how you interact with others and how you feel inside effecting both your physical health, emotional health and social health. What we will be launching in Mid April is our various events to bring community together, and improve our happiness, enjoyment of life, and hope for the future. We will be starting with community jogging events, dog walking events, as well as social events at local establishments.

We will keep posting updates on the site to partnerships we build, events we’re launching and approvals for the scale of our events.

We hope you will follow and share out updates and events to your social feeds to help spread the word on what we’re trying to develop here. Social cohesion, belonging and a sense of community is what we have been missing and what we need to move forward in our lives.

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