Jonathan Collins

I am the Founder and Managing Director of Activeme. As a person who has a lived experience with the struggles of mental health I share a unique outlook and mission on how we can best improve mental health in society. I graduated in finance from sheridan college and am an avid traveler who likes to experience new countries, cultures and lifestyles. Fitness, nutrition and wellness are passions of mine. I hope to bring a change to the world, make a positive impact and create something that is bigger then myself that can uplift people to be their best selves.

Jorey Tessier

Fundraising Advisor and avid proponent of mental health and well being. A McMaster Graduate with a BA in Sociology and abundant experience in the non-profit sector, Jorey brings a wealth of experience to our cause. We are fortunate to have him on the team as a key partner in our mission to grow our organization as far as possible, to improve the lives of everyone.

Daniel Churchill

Technology Advisor and the designer of the Activeme logo and overall branding. Daniel brings a lot of design and brand management experience to our team and is invaluable to the future of this organization.

Thomas Church

Thomas is on our board of directors and is our accounting advisor. A CPA, with vast experience, brings a wealth of accounting and business management knowledge to our seem and will be a great addition in financial oversight, transparency and accountability of our organization.